Lino Moveo Knotless halter

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The LINO Moveo is made of a very robust linen rope with a good feel.


The specially developed, KNOTLESS halter with movable ring offers a great alternative to the classic knothalter.

The LINO Moveo is made of a very robust linen rope with a good feel. Linen is grown in Europe and is therefore not only a renewable raw material, but also has short transport routes.Thanks to the movable ring for latching the rope, the Moveo knotless halter stays in place even when pulled from the side and the horse’s eye remains free.

Why no knots? Sensitive horse noses in particular are often disturbed by the punctual pressure of knothalters. The Moveo Knotless halter distributes the pressure more evenly and allows a softer contact surface on the horse’s head. It is therefore particularly suitable for any work on the ground. The Moveo Knotless halter is ideal especially for young and energetic horses, where a pull on the halter cannot be prevented.

Available sizes:

–  Cob (M)
–  Full size (L)

Size M
Nose circumference approx. 64cm /  Crownpiece approx. 69cm (incl. approx. 16 cm for the knot)

Size L
Nose circumference approx. 70cm /  Crownpiece approx. 75cm (incl. approx. 16 cm for the knot)

Rope width: approx. 7mm

linen rope
metal ring

Weight: approx. 110g (Size M)


Washing instructions:
– Always wash in a laundry bag
– Wash at max. 30°C in the washing machine or by hand
– do not spin-dry!

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