Cork reins

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Due to the high-quality cork used in these reins, they are very soft and therefore are very comfortable in the hand, especially when riding without gloves, for example!

This rein variant can be attached to the headpiece via the snap as well as via the buckle.

  • Different lengths: 2,60 m / 2,80 m / 3 m / 3,20 m
  • Wide: 15 mm
  • Different colors: natural, berry, turquoise, chocolate
  • Different fittings: brass & silver
  • Different variants: with snap or buckle

Material: cork

Fitting: brass / metal

Being an alternative to animal products made of leather, cork offers some advantages in handling:
Thanks to its natural structure, cork has a rougher surface and therefore slips less than leather, but is still easy to clean with a cloth.
When compared to authentic leather products, our high-quality cork is lighter, softer, more resistant to external influences and easier to clean.

Production: handmade

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