Alfonso Aguilar

A pioneer of horsemanship, Alfonso has learned to apply the principles of ethology (animal behavior research) in his daily work with horses. He is not a big “showman”. Alfonso likes to work with his horses in a modest and calm way and explains and teaches in the same way. In order to learn from him, one must be able to observe and listen carefully. His explanations are clear and concise. He developed them over many years to help both horse and man to build a relationship and to understand each other.

He is constantly offering the horse new tasks to challenge it to deal with different situations. This he can help the horse to find the right solution so that the horse can “learn to learn”. If the horse is not given these opportunities, it will only act out of fear, fear of the trainer.

Alfonso’s main topics include the behavior of horses & their proper handling, the introduction to riding with the bosal and the effect of different bits.