Alex Zell

Since the early 2000s, Alex Zell has been intensively engaged in the traditions and riding style of the Californian vaquero horsemanship, also known as the old Californian riding style. His passions and repertoire also include classical European horsemanship before HDV 12 as well as playing and having fun with the horse on the ground and in the saddle. Thus, he does not always ride with the saddle on, every now and then he rides his horses bareback in the field without any equipment. His objective is to train horses as extensively, creatively and correctly as possible so that they can remain in the best of health and enjoy working together until they are very old. According to Alex every horse should keep and develop its own character. Furthermore, he attaches great importance to the practical aspects of riding in order to convey to the horse the sense of what he is doing.

Alex has extensively studied and experimented with different riding styles and techniques. He focuses especially on biomechanics/biotensegrity and most importantly on the relationship with the horse. His main concern is to keep the horse motivated and to convey the joy of working together, without attaching importance to shows or success at competitions.

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Alex Zell

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